At Securi-Intel only grade A-C guards are employed and paid a higher rate than the required P.S.I.R.A rates, hence, them being of better quality as well as the fact that they receive all necessary training that will help them obtain important skills and knowledge that will be critical to how well they can perform their job.

  • Grade A Guards are managers who oversee the supervisors as well as guards.
  • Grade B Guards are supervisors.
  • Grade C Guards control access as well as do monitoring and undercover work in factories etc.
  • Our guards undergo Lie Detecting tests on a regular basis, which eliminates worries regarding security breaches.
  • Although Security guards must follow certain rules and policies, they need to have enough common sense to know exactly how and when to work around an issue, especially if it presents a potential risk to our client.
  • Securi-Intel guards have the ability to lead and to follow leadership.
  • All our guards know that they need to abide by the rules, however, there are instances when these rules need to be modified in order to ensure that the client is kept safe or that legal requirements are met.
  • At Securi-Intel communication skills are very important, all guards are tested on their communication, not only towards our client but towards each other too.
  • The guards employed by Securi-Intel all value human life, strong concerns for others is critical to them.
  • Every guard has the ability to think on his / her feet. Quick thinking and able to come up with good solutions within a short time frame can save a life. This ability is especially important in an emergency situation.
  • Our skilled Officers are professional, mature and have extensive background relating to the security industry.
  • Securi-Intel Officers are trained to look for suspicious activity on the spot, assess and react. They remain aware and alert of their surroundings, gather intelligence and report suspicious behaviour.
  •  Securi-Intel Officers are trained to monitor employee behaviour.
  •  Securi-Intel Officers are trained to deal with conflict and dissolve situations, establish safety guidelines, enforce security measures, manage staff, vehicles and documentation.
  • All suspicious activity is documented and reported to the National Control Centre immediately.
  • Securi-Intel Officers are trained on when to detain a suspect and what procedures to follow.
  • Our camo uniform and officer support worn cameras create a commanding presence and sends a message to criminals that you are serious about security at your premises and this is a great visual deterrent to criminals.
  • Securi-Intel Officers will make your customers both feel welcome and safe, this assures your clients that their safety is your concern.