SANS 10400 is the standard of the Building and Occupancy Act and must be followed by every type of building in terms of firefighting equipment required. This is often monitored by the local fire departments but due to the many tasks and community duties they perform, many organisations are not monitored, resulting in them being non-compliant.

Tracking a fire with the wrong type of extinguisher can be ineffective and even dangerous. Extinguishers must also be properly serviced and maintained annually in accordance with SANS 1475 Part 1. Every business should have the peace of mind of knowing that it complies with SANS 10105, SANS 10400 and the Occupational Health and Safety Act with regards to the quantity required and type of equipment in the workplace.
Many organisations are unaware of the legal and municipal regulations and adhere to minimum requirements in order to save money while often disregarding the consequences to life or property in the event of an incident.

Fortunately, the insurance industry has begun offering incentives on premiums if organisations comply with legal requirements. We, therefore, urge organisations to only employ the services of compliant and recognised companies who have properly trained staff and honest work ethics and who, themselves, also comply with all legal and municipal requirements.